Lean Production Building Kit System

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This product has been recognised for outstanding design quality by the internationally renowned iF product design award. The judges for the iF product design award believe that product optimisation and the courage to stand out through design will continue to be important in the future.

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This product has won the German Design Award.
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This product carries the GOOD DESIGN Award.
Based in Chicago since 1950, the GOOD DESIGN Award has a particularly prominent standing in the USA. The international design award is conferred on designers and manufacturers whose products enrich our lives through innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Simple handling is the key feature of Line D30 and delivers maximum cost efficiency through continuous improvements in manufacturing processes. It is made possible by non-machined connections, simple joining and a forgiving design principle. The freedom and flexibility of a tubing system coupled with the item Building Kit System result in a diverse range of possible combinations. Giving you the ultimate flexibility for turning your ideas into reality.
The components deliver exceptional performance – significantly lighter than steel designs but still stable, thanks to the benefits of profiled tubes. Fastenings can be implemented anywhere – in the perfect position and at any angle. Furthermore, support of the item Profiles 6 and 8 groove enables users to take advantage of the wide range of accessories in the MB Building Kit System.  

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Profiles and accessories

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Fastening Elements

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Material Flow

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Low-cost automation – the mechanical solution

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Work Bench Arrangement

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