Hygiene protection

More protection and enhanced safety for you and your staff. These applications include sneeze guards in full-height and countertop models and freestanding sanitiser points. The Countertop Guards fitted with plexiglass panels come in three standard sizes and can also be customised.
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FFU Pre-Filter M5 - 500x500

Countertop Guard (small)

Full-Height Guard

1 pce.

Sanitiser Stand D30 (small)

Countertop Guard (large)

Sanitiser Stand (large) - with D30 Accessories

Modular Countertop Guard with Delivery Chute

Three-Sided Full-Height Guard for Checkout Area with Service Opening

Easily Adjustable, Full-Height Frameless Transparent Guard

Sanitiser Stand D30 V2 (small)

Suspended Sneeze Guard (large)

Suspended Sneeze Guard (small)

Full-Height Privacy Screen

Side Sneeze Guard for Tables

Clamp Base for Hygienic Partition

Simple Frameless Barrier with Pass-Through Opening

Partition wall with protective screen